Saturday, 19 January 2013

Sunday Wishlist #7

Sunday Wishlist #7

1. River Island shoes - I only own one pair of River Island shoes, but they are great quality, and despite being ridiculously high, they are so comfortable! So, when I found these cute shoes on their website, I knew that they belonged on my wishlist. Buy the sandals here, the loafers here, the brown heels here, and the black heels here!

2. River Island jewellery - Continuing on the River Island theme, they have some GREAT jewellery at the moment. This necklace appeared on the website 3 days ago, and it's gone now, but I'm hoping that it will be back in stock soon.

3. Topshop dungarees - I can't explain why I like these, because I feel like I shouldn't. But aren't they just cute?!

4. ASOS midi skirts - ASOS is selling some gorgeous midi skirts at the moment. Get the blue print skirt here, the forest print skirt here, and the geo print skirt here!

5. Alexander McQueen skull wrap bracelet - I love AM's jewellery, and this wrap bracelet is just perfect.

6. Swatch Deep Shine Collection - I spotted these watches while waiting for a flight in Geneva airport and instantly fell in love. My mum bought me a gorgeous watch with a blue face years and years ago, and I rarely take it off, but I'd love a colourful watch that I can wear when I want to jazz an outfit up with colourful accessories.

What's your favourite item from my wishlist?

Bemsy x

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday Wishlist #6

Sunday Wishlist #6

Super quick wishlist for you today as I'm revising for a company law exam that I have tomorrow, eeek!

1. Jeffrey Campbel Damsel booties - It's just impossible to not love these beauties. They're perfect for brightening up a winter's day, and they'll transition in to spring and summer with floaty skirts. Yum!

2. Fashion Conscience Plaid dress - My love for tartan and plaid is never ending. This dress looks adorable, AND, it's fair trade!

3. Karen Millen 3D Flower dress - You can never go wrong with a Karen Millen dress. I love the detailing on this dress. It's running very low on stock, so if you love it, buy it now!

4. Pretty Ballerina glitter pumps - I am currently saving up for a really good pair of ballet pumps. The cheap versions for Topshop and Office always fall apart or look really scruffy after wearing them a few times, so every time I want to buy a cheap pair, I put the money in a jar. Soon I'll have my very own pair of Pretty Ballerinas or French Soles. Can't wait!

5. Louis Vuitton Majestueux Bordeaux Tote - This is my dream item of the week. It's from LV's 2013 Cruise Collection, and if you ask me it is to diiiie for!

6. See You Monday Sarcasm Sweater  - Karmaloop now has a UK website, so no more paying customs fees on your favourite american brands like UNIF and See You Monday! This top looks hideously unflattering for girls with boobs, but hell, it's wild and I love it. Plus, it's on sale!

Much love, Bemsy x

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Watch out Yatt, I can hear Louis Vuitton growling!

If there's one thing everyone in the fashion world should know, it's that it's never wise to mess with the legal team at Louis Vuitton. They are notorious for fiercely protecting their intellectual property rights, no matter how seemingly minor the infringement might be to some.

The latest brand to pinch LV's registered trademark for their own use is Yatt, which is based in Spain. As a brand, they seem to have a bit of a thing for using well-known registered trademarks in their designs.

LV Bones (Brown)

LV Bones (Natural)

These bags clearly feature the design elements of the 'Toile monogram' and a stylised 'LV'. It will be interesting to see how LV responds.

What do you reckon? Are the bags some harmless fun, or do they dilute the LV brand?

Bemsy x