Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Romwe sails too close to the wind

Another day, another knockoff from Romwe. I really was disappointed when I came across this sweater. The Kenzo sweater has been incredibly popular with fashion bloggers, with the likes of Chiara from The Blonde Salad being snapped wearing one. Retailing at $255 though, it's not something that many people can afford. I think this is what has spurred Romwe to make such a blatant copy - they know they can make money out of Kenzo's design. 

What's your opinion on this knockoff?

Bemsy x

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Criminal Damage live up to their name

Criminal Damage Mens Leopard Print Number 91 Sweater

Last week I wandered in to my local Ark shop in Sheffield. The first thing I saw was this sweater - eye-catching, right? And for all the wrong reasons in my opinion. 

Most of you will be familiar with the Chanel logo and the iconic interlocking C's which stand for Coco Chanel.

Criminal Damages' use of the interlocking C's may not only infringe Chanel's registered trade mark, but the products may also amount to trade mark counterfeiting. 

I have contacted Criminal Damage but have received no response, and the sweater, as well as t-shirts with the same print, are still available to buy on their website. Their website states that Criminal Damage's designers work 'under minimal constraint' and are therefore able to 'have fun and do their own thing', which makes me wonder how they justify trading on the goodwill and reputation that Chanel has established in its trade mark, instead of coming up with their own unique designs. 

What do you think? Should Criminal Damage get away with selling these clothes?

Bemsy x

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Missguided's familiar looking platform heels

MissGuided Fable Studded Platform Heels

Christian Louboutin for Rodarte Spike Pumps

I was having a little browse on when I came across the Fable shoes. Louboutin's pumps for Rodarte immediately sprang to mind, which were on sale in Fall '08 but were extremely hard to come by. They were only available at selected Louboutin boutiques and were never available online. Of course, knockoffs were produced at the time, but it is interesting to see that MissGuided has chosen to produce their knockoff 4 years later.

Obviously, the MissGuided pair don't even begin to compare to the originals by Louboutin, but many would argue that because they are infinitely more affordable the inferior quality is bearable. My argument, though, is that Louboutin designed these incredible shoes which most of us will never be able to get our hands on, and that companies like MissGuided should be taking inspiration from such a design, not trying to copy it outright. I would rather own a pair of incredible shoes that I can afford, that don't resemble any other designer's shoes and are therefore unique. 

What do you think?

Bemsy x

Monday, 15 October 2012

Dream Destination #2 - Greece

Santorini, Greece

Now, I know that Greece isn't feeling too good at the moment. But that doesn't stop it from being one of my dream destinations. I have fantasised about island hopping around Greece for several years now, I even have the Lonely Planet guide to Greece which I leaf through every now and again. Ideally, I would get on a yacht and do the trip in style, but in reality I'll be relying on public ferries. And honestly, I think it will make for a far more exciting and sociable trip.

My Greece packing essentials...

Dream Destination #2 - Greece

1. Shorts - And lots of them! A pair of denim shorts will be perfect in the evening while cotton super short shorts will be great during the day and at the beach. Plus, they're easy to clean in the sink.

2. Basic tops - Cotton t-shirts and silk-mix camisoles aplenty! Plus a thin denim shirt for cooler evenings and a bralet or two to go dancing in!

3. Short dresses - Cute, floaty dresses that I can throw on over a bikini at lunch time while I eat delicious greek food, plus a light crochet dress for evenings that I can accessorise with glitzy jewellery that I will buy at local markets.

4. Maxi dresses - These two quiksilver dresses will be perfect when I want to cover up in the sun, plus they are pretty enough to wear at night with wedge sandals.

5. Beach goodies  - I'll bring as many bikinis as I can fit in my bag, plus a large sun hat to protect my pale skin.

6. Shoes - A pair of espadrilles in a summery colour. I get mine from Spain as they are so comfy and simple, and you don't have to pay extra for a label like you do in England. A pair of pretty flip-flops, and a pair of neutral summery wedge sandals for the evenings.

7. Backpack and essential items - A colourful backpack like this Roxy beauty will be perfect for the beach and will be comfy while I'm taking in the sites and sounds of Greece. I'll bring a lomo camera to capture magical moments, my kindle loaded up with lots of Penguin Classics, my favourite sunglasses and of course a travel journal so I can relive my trip back in dreary England.

Top three must-see sights and attractions...

1. Mykonos

Since I heard the song 'Mykonos' by Fleet Foxes, I have wanted to visit the island. It is very popular with tourists, but I'm not afraid to take myself off on an adventure of the more secluded parts of the island. I hope to lose myself in the incredible architecture and ancient sites, including a 15th century byzantine church, as well as a secluded beach or two.

2. Athens

Slightly obvious, I know, but I will not be able to resist at least 4 days in Athens. Having fallen in love with Rome, I have a sneaking suspicion that I might also fall in love with Athens. There is so much to see and do in Athens, I'm sure I will have to pack myself off to a serene island afterwards!

3. Restaurant Barbarossa, Paros

The fact that I will be near or on the sea for the majority of my trip, I will want to sample the best seafood dishes that Greece can offer. The Barbarossa in the harbour town of Naoussa on the island of Paros is the definition of picturesque dining. I will be able eat delicious fresh seafood right by the water. What more could I want?!

Have you been to Greece, or are you dying to visit?

Much love, Bemsy x

Thursday, 11 October 2012

A/W '12 Trends - Catwalk to closet - LEATHER


Christopher Kane
Grungey colours like oxblood, black, gray

Photos courtesy of twenty.eight.90

A/W '12 Trends - Catwalk to closet - LEATHER

I think the leather trend is the easiest trend to incorporate into your daily outfits. Luckily for us, polyurethane exists, so if leather is out of your price range there is no need to panic!

Of course, there is black leather or PU which is a great staple. A black biker jacket will make an appearance every winter, if you can even put it away during the summer, so investing in a great quality jacket is a must. River Island have some amazing waterfall style biker jackets at the moment which are available in PU and in leather!

So, now that you've got the perfect black biker jacket, it's time to have some fun with pleather! Oxblood is the go-to colour this season, but why not push the boat out and go metallic?

If you aren't keen on pleather trousers or skirts, you can easily give a nod to the trend by wearing a pleather peplum belt with your favourite LBD or skirt. ASOS and Zara each stock such a belt at the moment.

How will you be wearing leather this season? Full on biker grunge, or a subtle hint of edginess?

Much love, Bemsy x

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Girl Crush #3 - Cara Delevingne

Cara has been a girl crush of mine for so long. First off, she's gorgeous, and secondly, she dresses like the ultimate care-free rock chick. Most people will know her from Burberry's ad campaigns, and possibly from their shows (she opened and closed the A/W '12 show, you know, the one that ended with the snow and umbrellas?). But I think she should also be known for her personal style.

The perfect example of how a statement coat can make an outfit. 

Cara's looking pretty smart here, but she still manages to hint towards her usual grungey style by having a cheeky bit of lacy bra on show. 

Another example of how a statement coat can make an outfit shine. 

Cara takes her rock chick look from day to night with killer heels and the perfect pair of white skinnies.

She knows how to style a chunky knit.

Cara is the queen of leather biker jackets, skinny jeans and combat-style boots. 

Girl Crush #2 - Cara Delevigne

To get Cara's look, stock up on some beautiful basic tops and perfect fitting skinny jeans. There are lots of combat boots available this season, so find your favourite pair and wear them in! I'll be customising mine with items such as these shoe chains from Regal Rose, and part of a skinny studded belt wrapped around the ankle.

Do you like Cara's style?

Much love, Bemsy x