Saturday, 27 October 2012

Criminal Damage live up to their name

Criminal Damage Mens Leopard Print Number 91 Sweater

Last week I wandered in to my local Ark shop in Sheffield. The first thing I saw was this sweater - eye-catching, right? And for all the wrong reasons in my opinion. 

Most of you will be familiar with the Chanel logo and the iconic interlocking C's which stand for Coco Chanel.

Criminal Damages' use of the interlocking C's may not only infringe Chanel's registered trade mark, but the products may also amount to trade mark counterfeiting. 

I have contacted Criminal Damage but have received no response, and the sweater, as well as t-shirts with the same print, are still available to buy on their website. Their website states that Criminal Damage's designers work 'under minimal constraint' and are therefore able to 'have fun and do their own thing', which makes me wonder how they justify trading on the goodwill and reputation that Chanel has established in its trade mark, instead of coming up with their own unique designs. 

What do you think? Should Criminal Damage get away with selling these clothes?

Bemsy x

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