Thursday, 1 November 2012

Romwe infringes Boy London's registered trademark

Yesterday, I blogged about Romwe's knockoff of Kenzo's tiger sweater. Today I was having another browse and came across what I thought was a Boy London sweater, and Boy London leggings. Why did I think this? Because Boy London sell the exact sweater in black and white, and the exact same leggings. In fact, the only difference between the Romwe sweater and the original Boy version, is the colour of the sweater.

Boy London Eagle Sweat - £55

Romwe Eagle Letter Print Grey Pullover - £27

Boy London Leggings - £40

Romwe Eagle Letter Print Black Leggings - £14

And guess what, Romwe's copy of the sweater has sold out. It would be interesting to know if those who purchased it thought it was a genuine, or knew it was a fake and wanted to save £28 (such a massive saving...)

The trouble for Romwe is, Boy London has registered their trademark, at least in the UK. So, not only have they infringed on Boy's trade mark, but I also believe these items are counterfeit goods. Its aim is to mislead consumers and make them believe that the item is genuine. Therefore, any items that arrive at UK customs will hopefully be confiscated.

Would you buy a counterfeit good to save just £28?

Bemsy x


  1. I saw that grey jumper at ROMWE too - I love BOY london but I would definitely purchase the real version of it :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. They do this a lot, especially with bags and shoes. Quite a shame when another brand works so hard to create their image and then it's just ripped off.

  3. I loooove BOY London :))

  4. I saw this also! And seriously had to double take. I haven't seen any BOY London here in NZ, but I thought the cut and quality looked at lot different. And comparing the prices. I wonder how far this will go?

  5. wow I really thought them things on romwe were real... so I almost purchased it. Glad I did some research first.

    1. Please I could help :) I recommend shopping for Boy products at reputable sites such as ASOS and Selfridges.

      Much love, Bemsy x