Monday, 11 March 2013

Isabel Marant hates copycats

Even if you have never heard of Isabel Marant, you will almost certainly have worn something inspired by one of her collections. She designs the kind of clothes that you can throw on and rush out of the door, but still look chic in. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, she didn't shy away from spurning those who copy her designs.

Perhaps her most famous creation of late has been her unique take on the wedge trainer, which has been copied incessantly for months. But Marant believes that "everybody who has the wrong one looks quite bitchy, very vulgar, when mine are not at all." Something to bear in mind when you're thinking about buying that £30 pair of dupes.

Isabel Marant fights counterfeiting constantly, and there's even a page on the brand's website dedicated to ensuring customers don't accidentally buy fake items. Copied and counterfeit goods have a huge negative impact on designers, not only financially, but also creatively. Marant points out that "as soon as you have an idea it's copied and you don't like it in a minute."

How do you feel about counterfeit goods? Would you rather save up for a pair of Bayleys, or buy a fake pair and five other pairs of shoes?

Bemsy x


  1. I am in two minds about copying, I hate Jeffrey Campbells because they are just copies of other people's work, they never make anything original. At least the British High street don't copy everything, they have their own innovations. It's tricky though just because it is designer doesn't mean it is good quality.

    E x

  2. haha... i like this one on isabel marant, its so funny i bought a pair of the real ones and people cant really tell until when you try to preach to them and show them the label :/, people dont just care.... they just wanna rock the styles, to the extent that even the top named so called other designers copied her design lmfao!!! i think she should be happy that other designer labels got inspired by her sneakers collections.. period!!!

  3. I'm actually surprised at her choice of words "bitchy and vulgar?" I mean I'm sure rich designers hate copycats because it cuts into their piece of pie but to make an overall judgement about people who wear copycats is kind of disappointing :-( Steve Madden and a number of others low end designers have "borrowed" her sneaker wedge design and these copies have made alot of people very happy because of the affordability..I hoped that Isabel would have found flattery in that but I guess not.. I own a pair of Becketts and her Gava pumps so I've been supportive of her.. but after this I'm not too sure :-(
    Now counterfitting on the other hand is a very different story.. its deceitful..and dishonest.

    Great post by the way, totally learned something today ;-D


  4. hha great post, i agree with you!


  5. Her choice of words is interesting. Bitchy and vulgar? I don't understand. She's insulting her own shoes in a way. I think she should be flattered that her stuff is good enough to be imitated. Happens to the best of them. And if she's unhappy with people copying her work, she def won't like the boots I'm wearing on my current blog post :P

    P.S. wanna follow each other on bloglovin and such?


  6. interesting article!!

  7. hahahaha love this!!

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  9. The copying of these IM wedges is seriously out of control. So many brands have copied them it's ridiculous. With that said I do have a black pair of Ash wedge sneakers sitting in my closet. So I'm guilty of buying into the fake version! Oops. xx

  10. Haha love that! if you don't wear my wedged trainers you look bitchy :). I don't agree with counterfeit, but a lot of people cannot afford Isabel Marant's version. But they want that sort of style... its a hard one. The thing that is putting me off louboutin's now is there are sooooo many cheap copies out there! I wouldn't want to shell out on them and people think I am wearing fakes :-S x

  11. I understand where she is coming from, but sadly most people do not have the economical means to buy designer clothes (myself included). I don't think there is anything wrong with someone from more humble backgrounds wanting to feel trendy and in style with a more affordable version. At least that's how I feel about it :)

  12. Such a great look, I am not a fan of isabel marant sneakers, but they sure look comfortable! xx

  13. how cool for the isable marant!