Sunday, 5 May 2013

Gimme Carrie's Shoes!

I've been watching SATC between study sessions, and it has got me yearning for heels! Not the sky high styles that are so prevalent at the moment, but the kind that you can actually totter about on for more than 5 minutes. Carrie is known for her obsession with cute strappy sandals, and in an effort to find myself a piece of her SATC style, I have been hunting around for similar heels. I'm not interested in the sensible, go with any outfit shoes, I'm interested in the verging on the ridiculous/vulgar shoes!

I want shoes like Carrie's!

I want shoes like Carrie's! by emmatje

So the shoes in the star are the ultimate dream shoes - Jimmy Choos! But the other shoes are affordable, so I hope to add at least one pair to my collection.

Do you love Carrie's shoes in SATC? Would you want to trot around town in any of these pairs?

Bemsy x

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