Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Dream Destination #1 - Paris

I'm cheating slightly here because I've visited Paris three times already, but Paris is one of those cities that I will always long to return to.

My Paris packing essentials...

I would love to visit Paris in the winter, perhaps in December around my birthday. My packing essentials will therefore consist of A/W items.

Paris A/W Essentials

Paris A/W Essentials by emmatje

1. Coat and other winter warmers - A wonderfully cuddly coat that I can snuggle up in as I explore the city, plus a faux fur headband for chilly moments, my Alexander McQueen scarf that I just can't live without, and the most beautiful kidskin, silk lined gloves by Dents. To enjoy the city in the winter, it's essential to be warm.

2. Mary Poppins handbag - I plan on acquiring this H&M A/W '12 handbag as soon as it hits the shops. For my dream trip to Paris I will fill it with lovely bits and pieces, including, but clearly not limited to: a Paris guidebook (it will make planning museum and gallery trips so much easier - no arriving after they've closed!); a pretty notebook and pen (to facilitate drawing, dreaming and musing); a camera (I think it would be fun to capture my adventure on film rather than on a digital camera, and what better than a pink SLR!); sunglasses (I cannot live without them, and how darling are these minty green cat eye glasses from Topshop); my kindle (loaded up with romantic novels set in the 1920s); phone, tissues, etc, etc...

Evening bag - a simple clutch for the evening. After carrying my life around all day (a necessary exertion, believe me), I will relish the chance to grab my clutch and get myself to the nearest quaint restaurant for some moules et frites.

3. Tops - Comfortable loose blouses (I'm obsessing over the army trend already and all the green it brings) and plain cotton tops in dark hues.

4. Skirts - Chic black skirts (yes, pleather can be chic). Peplum is a godsend - instant chic and it hides those pesky love handles!

5. Trousers - Pleather leggings and skinny printed trousers (both by Topshop and both will be appearing in my wardrobe ASAP)

6. Evening dresses - Plain, modest dresses to ensure a hassle-free and relaxing evening in gay Paris.

7. Knitwear - Knitwear galore in fact. The gold beaded beauty is in the H&M A/W '12 collection and will be perfect for Paris. A cosy waterfall cardigan will be ideal for colder days, and a thin knitted jumper will look gorgeous over a crisp white shirt.

8. Shoes, glorious shoes! - Knee high boots will keep my calves toasty; ankle boots will be handy if it's icy and/or snowing; sturdy leather flats will be great with tights and a skirt, and with the skinny printed trousers; and finally some simple but gorgeous heels for the evening paired with thick black tights - perfection. 

Top three must-see sights and attractions...

1. Notre Dame Cathedral

I drank the most expensive Diet Coke I've ever bought in my life in a cafe opposite Notre Dame, but I've never actually been inside. I love old buildings so I will brave the queues to get inside on my next trip.

2. Cafe Louis Philippe

I've eaten here before, but I will most certainly return, mainly so I can pretend that I'm in Gossip Girl. I actually ate at this restaurant before the Gossip Girl episode was aired, and was so excited to see Serena and Blair in a restaurant that I recognised. Seeing it again brought back so many great memories. 

3. Les Arts D√©coratifs

A museum with a gallery dedicated to fashion and textiles. I will be spending many hours in and around this heavenly place.

Do you want to visit Paris? When would you go? What would you see and do?

Much love, Bemsy x


  1. I haven't been to Paris in so long! You've inspired me :)

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  2. I love Paris too, and your "packing essentials" are so lovely

    - ordaining serendipity

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