Saturday, 28 July 2012

I want it and I want it NOW!

My Jeffrey Campbell collection (so far!)

Jeffrey Campbell (JC) captured the hearts of shoe lovers several years ago, and it seems like the brand's popularity will never stop growing. As with all things that are highly sought after, the demand for fakes or dupes has also grown massively, and it is now possible to buy counterfeit JCs in pretty much every design from a myriad of websites.

While I understand that JC shoes are not cheap, it pains me to read blog after blog encouraging their readers to buy fakes. JC is a family-owned brand that has worked tirelessly to design and produce shoes that are recognisable the world over and desired by every fashionable girl. Buying fake JCs is not only damaging to the brand, but it's also so disrespectful to the creative minds behind the designs.

The fast pace of fashion today hardly helps. The emphasis is on getting your hands on the must-have item, and getting it yesterday. There is nothing wrong with this, but I think there's a difference between buying that pair of pastel coloured jeans that you probably won't wear again for a while, and that pair of JCs that will last you many, many years.

My point is, there are some items that should be saved up for. Handbags, shoes and coats fall in to this category, because these are items that are going to be used from season to season, year on year. Real JCs are far superior to the fakes in so many ways (quality or workmanship, quality of materials, comfort...), and if you become a savvy saver then they aren't as unattainable as you might initially think.

A few tips for saving...
1. Find a cute jar, pot or piggy bank in your house and put it somewhere where you can easily find it. I have mine in the kitchen (a giant Marmite jar!)

2. Set a saving target for each week/month.

3. Think about the things you can go without - a chocolate bar, popcorn at the cinema, yet another pair of disco pants...

4. Put all your loose change in the jar. I put all 1p, 2p and 5p coins in my piggy bank. Sounds like nothing, but trust me, it adds up!

My JC Wish List!
JC Wish List

Which items do you save up for? Do you agree that the real thing is better than the fakes?

Much love, Bemsy x


  1. I loveeee both your JC's! I want bright yellow litas :(

    1. Oooh, bright yellow litas will definitely jazz up an outfit!

      Bemsy x