Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday Wishlist #4

Sunday Wishlist #4

1. Zara Pin Stud Hat - I bought a hat just like this from Zara with a gold chain around it, but I'm a sucker for studs so naturally I've fallen in love with this hat.

2. ASOS Sunglasses - So technically, these sunglasses are no longer on my wishlist as I bought them last weekend when ASOS had a 20% discount. And yes, they are perfect!

3. ASOS black collar and cream collar - I think these collars are great. They are perfect for jazzing up a t-shirt and jeans outfit, or for adding some bling to a simple dress.

4. Ted Baker dresses - Aren't they just adorable?

5. Zatchels x Hello Kitty - Perfection in the form of a bag!

6. H&M bra and knickers - I have fallen in love with this bra. It is just so sparkly and pretty! I'm going to have to try it on in a store though, because the biggest size online is a 34C which is most upsetting! They also have the bra in black and pink in bigger sizes, but they don't have the fun sparkly bits on them. Fingers crossed I can get in to a 34C!

Bemsy x


  1. those collars are gorgeous


  2. I cannot believe that the underwear is from H&M!! I thought it would be from Mimi Holiday or something! So sad they don't do my size now!!! Crying over underwear!!

    Emma x