Friday, 14 December 2012

Topshop's Lanvin lookalikes

Remember this post where I asked if you knew your Lanvin from your H&M? Well it seems that Lanvin's design is proving popular amongst fast-fashion retailers. This time it's Topshop who have taken a liking to the Lanvin beauties...

Lanvin polished leather boots

Topshop Palette Premium Met Boots

I think the Topshop boots are a little too similar to the Lanvin design, in fact, the only part they have not copied is the strap around the top of the boot. While most of the items at Topshop aren't exactly creatively innovative, it seems that their designers have been particularly lazy with this one.

Copying another brand's design is creatively lazy. Do you think fashion would be more exciting if, for example, Topshop just sold Topshop Unique?

Bemsy x


  1. Amazing shoes!


  2. Amazing boots !

  3. those boots are too die for! i love how so many of your post make high fashion seem incredibly accessible. you have a real eye for look-a-likes, girl :)

  4. Oh the boots are all gorgeous!
    wanna stay in touch thru google/fb? Wld love to c u drop by my blog!

  5. ooh thanks for pointing these out! love the heel on them
    xx mili